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This image was the result of a happy accident my first day in Washington, DC last July (2013). I had arrived from my cross country trek a few hours earlier than expected and took the Metro into the city to check out the sites, especially the Supreme Court chambers, which were closed for cleaning when I was there 3 years before. On my way past the Capitol, I heard the sounds of some kind of a rally taking place nearby and with camera in hand, as always, I headed in that direction. About 200 people, including many disabled people in wheelchairs, were preparing to lobby their Senators for passage of the "Convention On The Rights Of Persons With Disabilities" and were staging a rally before heading over to the Capitol building. Among the many disabled who spoke, was Representative Tammy Duckworth (D-Illinois), pictured just to the left of the Capitol, a disabled veteran who lost both her legs in Iraq.

For more photographs from this day, go to the Disability Rights Rally gallery.


For this week's TGIF picture of the day, I thought I'd share a shot from my home, Boulder, Colorado.

Images of the "Flatirons", I think have become somewhat of a cliché here in Boulder, you see them everywhere, especially in advertisements and many company logos...but you can see why, they are an amazing, beautiful site that can be seen from almost anywhere in the city.


This was one of the funniest signs of the day at the "March Against Monsanto" in Denver, back in October of last year (2013). Dr. Frankenstein, Mary Shelly & Boris Karloff (make-up by Jack Pierce), didn't realize what they were creating. "The Monster" remains an instantly recognizable, iconic figure, 83 years after the original movie and 196 years after the novel was published. 

This image was also one of my first two ever published for actual money, both appearing in the Dec'13/Jan'14 issue ofThe Progressive magazine!

In the year since this march, that focused on Monsanto's production and use of genetically modified seeds, pesticides and herbicides, the movement for labeling and/or banning products containing GMOs has grown larger. Another day of worldwide marches (including Denver) will be happening on May 24th. Looking forward to covering that one.

The Monsanto/GMOs page  features galleries of marches in Boulder as well as Denver. 


This image is from the "Draw The Line On The KXL Pipeline" march in Denver, last September (2013).

Lots of high spirited people carrying colorful signs, made this a great picture taking day that began with a rally at the State Capitol building, followed by a march through downtown, including the 16th Street mall, which was crowded with people enjoying a sunny fall afternoon. 

You can find many more photos from this day in the "Draw The Line ..." gallery.


I took this shot in downtown Denver on the day of an Occupy rally and march, back in November 2011.

I remember noticing the information table and various people walking up and asking questions and thinking this situation had the potential for an interesting image. I was standing maybe 10-15 yards away, trying to be as invisible as possible, waiting and watching the conversation between these three folks and the guy staffing the table. They all turned and I got them!

The Occupy Denver gallery  has many more photographs like this one. 


Decided to use 2 images for the TGIF Picture Of The Day this time. I took these in downtown Denver back in February 2011.

I was walking back to my car, and a building under construction first caught my eye, then I noticed this amazing reflection of it on the glass-faced office building across the street. The city of Denver has quite a variety of original and unusual architecture and lots of interesting photo ops. This particular shot is no longer there, since the building that was under construction is completed. Glad I caught it when I did!


This photograph is from last Labor Day (2013) in Philadelphia, and as you can tell, is wasn't exactly sunny and blue skies.

I arrived in the city to a steady downpour that only got more intense and lasted almost 2 hours. I should have had a longer rain jacket on, even money in my pocket got wet! Two high school bands that were supposed to be in the march actually got back on their buses and left. I did however, manage to keep my camera dry with a zip lock baggie that I always have packed for situations like this.

Despite the deluge, about 2,000 people marched the almost 2 mile route along the waterfront of center city Philadelphia. The rain failed to dampen the spirits of most, like these union women from the public employee union AFSCME (I am a retiree member), and eventually the rain stopped and everyone enjoyed the picnic at Penn's Landing, the final destination of the march.

You can see more images from this day in the Labor Day in Philadelphia gallery.


I took this shot at a free Thanksgiving dinner in Denver, back in 2011. Sponsored by a coalition of area churches, the event, attended by hundreds of people, also included rows of tables with piles of free clothing as well as free haircuts.

There are a lot of stereotypes and misconceptions about who the poor and the homeless are in this country. I think this image is a good illustration of the realities of poverty in America; families and children.

Just a couple of hundred yards away, was an Occupy Denver gathering followed by a march through the city. The two groups didn't cross paths. I've always felt like a unique opportunity for the movement protesting corporate greed and the corruption of democracy by the power of money, to make a connection with a large group of people at the very bottom of the economic scale, an important part of the 99%, was missed that day.  

For more photographs from that day and other images of hard times, go to the Hard Times In America page.


I took this shot back in April 2013, at a march by custodians who work at the Auraria Higher Education Center in Denver, a higher ed complex that is home to    2 universities and a community college.

The custodians, supported by Jobs With Justice, the Student Labor Action Committee, and Colorado WINS, a state employee union, were asking to meet with administrators over workplace safety issues, harassment and intimidation by supervisors and wage cuts.

Many custodians, who are among the lowest paid workers in state government, are Hispanic women like those in this shot. A number of them spoke at the rally that preceded the march.

 More images from this day are in the Auraria Custodians gallery.


This is my TGIF picture for this week, taken on a cold December afternoon in 2008 on the beach in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. It almost looks black & white, but it was just that kind of a day.

A couple of years before, while taking some pictures standing on a jetty on this same beach, I had gotten drenched up to the knees by a small wave that came in faster than I expected. Then, trying to avoid a second wave by turning around and jumping to the next beam and getting to the sand, I slipped and went face, but mostly shin and camera first, onto the cross beam and into the water. I survived but my camera and the pictures I'd taken that day, did not! Should have just stood there and gotten wet again instead of trying to get to the shore just a few yards away. I wasn't going to get any wetter! Lesson learned! My nephew, standing on the shore watching the whole thing, after realizing I wasn't dead, got quite a laugh.


This is an image from one of the most energetic and fun events I've been to, featuring a march then a picket line in front of a local fast food restaurant last November. 

Organized by students at Regis University in Denver, local union people and Jobs With Justice, in support of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, the mostly student crowd rallied on the campus, then marched to a nearby Wendy's restaurant. Wendy's was targeted for being the only fast food chain that still buys from growers that have not agreed to the Coalition's higher standards for farmworker pay and working conditions.

Go to the Wendy's/Fair Food Program protest gallery  for more photographs from this day.


This photograph is from, what I think was, the first public demonstration against fracking in Colorado. It took place back in June 2012, in Erie, a small but rapidly growing town that spans eastern Boulder and Weld counties. The fracking site that was the target of the protest is not only very close to the neighborhood in the background of this shot, but just a couple hundred yards from a local school.

One of the things I like about this shot is the juxtaposition of the grassroots activists speaking through an old cheerleader style megaphone and the arms length away, electronic media, especially the boom mike.

In the 2 years since this early anti-fracking action, a number of Colorado towns and cities have passed moratoriums or outright bans on fracking, lawsuits have been filed by the natural gas industry and the state, and both sides on the issue are pursuing state-wide ballot initiatives for the November 2014 election.

Go to the page of Anti-Fracking galleries  to see more images from the Colorado anti-fracking movement.


This is an image from the "Forward On Climate" march in Denver, back in February 2013.

Events like this one, that feature a march through the city followed by a rally, offer a lot of opportunities for a variety of shots (people in motion as well as gathered together in one place). I like shots, like this one, that show a wide view of a large number of people but are also close enough to see lots of faces.

You can see the complete collection of photographs from this day in the "Forward On Climate" march gallery.


I took this shot near the spectacular Martin Luther King Memorial at the "50th Anniversary March On Washington" last August 24th, an event attended by over 200,000 people from all over the country.

I really wanted a shot of one of the many union people at the march with the MLK memorial in the background, and patience paid off when this United Auto Workers union member stood for a minute or so in a perfect spot.

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the numbers of people at a large event like this and since there was no "high ground" to get an overhead shot of the huge crowd (access to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial was restricted, the  earthquake damaged Washington Monument was closed for repairs and I left my private helicopter at home!), you have to concentrate on finding the "smaller", more personal shots. I think I found one here.

More images from this historic day are in the 5oth Anniversary March and Union Members at the 50th Anniversary March galleries.


This shot, like last Friday's, is from a union organizing trip to the western slope of Colorado in March 2009, this time on US550 between Durango and the small mountain town of Silverton (pop <1,000). The elevation here is probably around 10,000 feet and you might notice, no guard rails on the side of the road. I actually took this shot (kids don't try this at home!) while I was driving!! Although it had snowed the last couple of days, it was wet but not icy and I couldn't resist the steam coming up off the highway.


This is a very "interesting" image from last Martin Luther King Day in Denver.

As far as composition and technical quality, this is not really one of my best shots, but I think the humor, however unintentional it might be, of 3 white people staffing a table for a group called "Conservatives of Color", overrides those issues. Although I have no doubt that there are actually African-Americans, Hispanics and other people of color who are conservatives, none seemed to be present at this groups table. The big white dog laying in front is just a bonus. Feel free to make up your own jokes for this one.

Go to the Martin Luther King Day gallery to see more.


This is an image from a Denver protest in response to Israeli attacks on Gaza in November 2012.

I had attended a much smaller protest earlier in the day in Boulder, and was expecting pretty much the same in Denver, even hesitated to make the drive. What I got was something totally different! Close to 200 people, the overwhelming majority from the Denver area Palestinian community, rallied near the state capitol building then marched down the 17th street mall, carrying signs and many waving Palestinian flags. As you can see from this shot and others in the full gallery, many kids, from elementary school age to teenagers, were actively involved in what was an extraordinary, high-spirited and colorful action on a life or death issue to many, including the woman speaking, who is a former resident of the West Bank.

Go to the Gaza Attack Protests gallery to see more from this day.


Thought I'd share 2 pictures today, both from an KXL pipeline protest I was at this summer (July 2013) in Washington, DC. 

Over 50 people were arrested for occupying the offices of ERM (Environmental Resources Management), which had released a study claiming the pipeline would do no real damage to the environment. ERM is a member of the Petroleum Institute, the "PR" arm of the oil industry. It took the police at least a couple of hours to haul all the protesters, who had linked together with plastic pipe (that's what it looked like to me) out of the office and to awaiting police vans. All the protesters as well as the DC police were peaceful.

This protest was one of 10 in 3 cites (6 in DC) I attended on my 2 month trip back east.

Many more pictures from this day in the KXL Pipeline DC Protest gallery.


This image is from an Occupy Denver march in October 2011, a time when 1,000 people or more would show up for Occupy marches on Saturdays. I was always impressed with, not only the numbers of people, but the variety of people who came to rally and march.

My eye is always drawn to the man in the middle of the crowd...don't think it's just because he's in the middle of the shot. Is he a little older than those around him? There's just something different about him that makes him stand out.

When I look at this and other shots from Occupy actions, I can't help wondering where all these people are today, what brought them out there and why they drifted away. Occupy groups remain active here in Colorado but the large numbers are not there anymore. What would it take to bring the people in this picture back out into the streets again?

You can see more photographs like this on the Occupy page.


I took this shot on a union organizing trip to the western slope of Colorado back in March 2009. This cabin, sitting up against the San Juan mountains, is just north of Durango. Even though I had been living in Colorado for over 30 years, I had only traveled to the western slope in the summer (I am not a skier!). I spent about 2 weeks on this trip with 3 other organizers, traveling to Montrose, Silverton, Craig and Glenwood Springs as well as Durango. Ended up taking lots of pictures of snowy mountain ranges, this is one of my favorites.

I plan to feature more photographs like this one from my travels around Colorado and other parts of the country as the Picture Of The Day on Fridays, taking a break from the usual images of rallies, marches and other political actions. Hope you enjoy them!



This shot is from a rally and march for immigration reform in Denver, Co back in October 2013.

Before marching, the demonstrators lined the sidewalks of a busy intersection, waving signs and displaying giant banners with pictures of family members on them. Many people also waved American flags.

The three generations represented in this image are a good illustration of what a unique day this was, as far as demonstrations go. Parents, grandparents and many kids of all ages, made this a very family oriented event, not much of a surprise, since our current immigration policies have led to the breakup of many immigrant families. The urgency of immigration law reform is truly a family issue!

You can see more pictures from this day in the Immigration Reform gallery.


This photograph is from a vigil for gun control reform organized by a coalition of church groups in Boulder, Colorado back in March 2013. The event was in response to a promotion by a Colorado pro-gun lobby that was giving away high capacity magazines to anyone who signed up as a member.

This silent vigil, which lasted for over an hour,  attracted close to 200 people who lined a major street in the center of the city, just blocks away from the pro-gun promotion.  I thought the silence was a very powerful statement for sanity and common sense in the midst of a very fractious and often angry debate over gun control reforms being considered by the State Legislature. Some of the reforms passed and became law but a few months later, 3 pro-reform state legislators faced recall elections financed by pro gun groups, and were removed from office.

You can go to the page of galleries on Gun Control Reform for more images from this event as well as a couple of pro-gun rallies,


This photograph is from the "I Matter March" in May 2011 in Denver. The focus was on environmental issues, particularly global warming and the potentially catastrophic changes it could bring to the earth's climate. 

This was a very unique event because it was planned by kids and  most of the marchers as well as the speakers at the rally that followed, were kids from elementary school age to teenagers!

To anyone who might have the idea that kids spend all their time with their heads buried in electronic devices, wrapped up in social media or video games, I think the "I Matter March" was just one example of how wrong that can be!

You can see more images from this day in the "I Matter March" gallery.


I took this shot of a homeless man sleeping on the street in center city Philadelphia in the late '70s or early '80s. I remember it was winter, Dec or Jan. Can't imagine what his daily life must have been like. Also wonder where he might be today and if he is still even alive.

I'm usually taking pictures of protests, marches etc. on a variety of political issues...I think this picture is a graphic reminder of the people who are left behind by our economic/social system and why these demonstrations and protests that I document and am a part of, are necessary and important.

You can see a few more versions of this image in the Homeless In Philly gallery, and more galleries like it, on the page I call, for lack of a better title, Hard Times.


One of my favorite images from the Occupy marches I attended. This one is from an Occupy Denver march in November 2011. The Guy Fawkes mask, with it's origins in early 17th century England and a plot to re-establish Catholicism as the state religion by killing the King and blowing up the Parliament, has become an iconic symbol of the Occupy and Anonymous movements, and , I think, has taken on a life of it's own detached from it's origins in English history.

This masked Occupy Denver marcher is standing in front of a giant mural of a $10,000 bill on the side of the Federal Reserve Bank building in Denver, one of the destinations on the marchers "tour" of government and corporate locations that day.

You can see more images of Occupy marches on the Occupy/Anonymous page.


At  first glance, some might think there is something not quite right about this picture, a group of orthodox Jewish men, flanked by a Palestinian flag. However, they are members of Neturei Karta, an organization of Orthodox Jews who are explicitly anti-Zionist and against the concept of Israel as a Jewish state. They were among protesters outside a meeting of the Jewish National Fund last October,  in Denver, objecting  to the JNF's involvement in the seizure of Palestinian land. 

I remember waiting a while for this shot. There were the Neturei Karta members, and nearby were a couple of people waving Palestinian flags, I knew they would cross paths sooner or later...and they did. In photography, like so many other things, patience is a virtue. This time it paid off with what is one of my favorite shots ever!

You can see more shots from these 2 days of protests in the JNF Protest gallery.


This shot is from the "We Are One" rally in April 2011 at City Park in Denver.

 I remember this being a very high energy rally that happened around the time of the mass demonstrations in Madison, Wisconsin against the attacks on workers rights by the Governor and the State Legislature there. About 6 weeks before this rally, there had been 2 rallies at the State Capitol in Denver in solidarity with Wisconsin workers.

I think this picture and others from this event, as well as my other galleries of union actions, are a good illustration of the diversity of the labor movement, something that I think is unmatched by other parts of the broader progressive movement.

You can see more images from the "We Are One" rally and many other labor actions on the Unions/WorkersRights page.


This first Picture Of The Day is from the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.

The one police officer turned at exactly the right moment and I think that's what made the shot!

It was a very interesting few days, with demonstrations, marches, street performers, vendors selling assorted convention paraphernalia like hats, t-shirts, buttons etc., as well as a few hundred people, including parents with young children, just hanging out, enjoying the sunny, summer day, in LoDo (lower downtown Denver) and the spectacle that a national political convention, taking place just a few hundred yards away at the Pepsi Center,  had brought to town....all amidst a very large number of police, heavily outfitted in riot gear, some armed with automatic weapons! I thought at the time, and still do, that the huge police presence was over done and have always wondered who footed the bill for it all.

Go to the  2008 Democratic National Convention page  to see more shots from that week and see more images of police at various marches and demonstrations on the Police gallery page.

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