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This shot is from last Saturday's (4/26/14) Denver protest against the KXL pipeline.

Demonstrators gathered near Civic Center Park in downtown Denver then marched through the city to the offices of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association and the corporate headquarters of  3 companies in the fossil fuel industry.

Although the march was significantly smaller than the one held last Sept, I think that is mainly due to the success of the environmental movement in forcing delays of President Obama's decision on whether the pipeline should go forward. With the decision being put off until after the November election, I think the issue may have lost some of it's sense of urgency in the minds of some people who oppose the pipeline. There were however, anti pipeline demonstrations around the country the same day including one in Washington DC attended by thousands. The DC protest was the culmination of 5 days of actions organized by a coalition of Native American tribes, ranchers and farmers, dubbed the "Cowboy & Indian Alliance". As a decision on the pipeline gets closer, expect to see more of these types of demonstrations and larger numbers of protesters.

Go to the KXL Pipeline Protest gallery for more images from the Denver protest.


This two images are from yesterdays (4/23/14) union sponsored rally in Denver to increase the minimum wage. Union members, staff, clergy members, and state legislators all spoke about the effect poverty level wages have, not only on low wage workers and their families, but also local economies and local businesses.

Although unions are lobbying the Congress for an increase in the federal minimum wage to $10.10/hr some at the rally advocated a higher increase to $15/hr and the websites of both the Denver Area Labor Federation and Colorado AFL-CIO feature a Robert Reich video arguing that $10.10/hr would still leave too many workers below the poverty line. You can see that video here.

Although there are grassroots efforts around the country to raise the minimum wage at the city level, including $15/hr in Seattle, local minimum wages are prohibited by the Colorado constitution. The state minimum wage was raised and indexed to inflation by a 2006 ballot initiative that got 53% of the vote. It currently stands at $8/hr, although tipped employees, a large part of the Colorado workforce, still get only $4.98/hr.

You can see more pictures from this rally in the Minimum Wage Protest gallery.


Both of these shots, taken in January & February 2013, are from protests against gun control reforms being considered by the Colorado State Legislature at that time. Some of the reforms passed and became law but a few months later, 3 pro-reform state legislators faced recall elections financed by pro gun groups, and were removed from office.

I was actually in Denver both of these days to cover other demonstrations (anti-fracking & support for Bradley, now Chelsea Manning) near the capitol and on both days opponents of gun control happened to be there too, and in much larger numbers.

These two shots are, I think, are a good illustration of both the overheated, even extreme nature of some of the opposition to reforms, as well as a more reasonable perspective of people open to discussion of the issues.

You can see more images from both sides of this issue in galleries on the Gun Control page



Untitled photo

This photograph is from a rally in Denver back in December of 2008, organized by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), a union I worked for as an organizer.

The rally, preceded by a march from the convention center where an organizing conference was being held that week, was in support of workers who clean and maintain the office buildings in downtown Denver, then in negotiations with private custodial companies contracted by building owners.

Even though I didn't get a lot of faces in this shot, I still like the colors and the kind of mural effect of all the signs in a row.

Go to the Unions/Worker's Rights page to see a number of galleries that feature images of labor movement marches, rallies and picket lines.


A sunny afternoon on the downtown mall in Boulder, Colorado, not only brings out large crowds of people, but also a variety of street performers, from the usual guitar players and other assorted musicians (good & bad), to the more unusual, like jugglers, sword swallowers, and this contortionist, featured in this weeks TGIF Picture(s)Of The Day from March 2012.

Still not quite sure how he did it, but in about 5 minutes, he managed to bend his body (he looked about 6ft tall) into a small, square, plastic box, occasionally pausing to joke with the 2 dozen or so spectators. Hopefully I can catch some shots of the sword swallower as the weather gets nicer in the next few weeks, stay tuned!

You can see the entire sequence of this performance in the Boulder Mall Contortionist gallery.


This is one of my favorites shots from the "I Matter March" in Denver, back in May 2011. The days events focused on the issues of global warming and  climate change and how kids of all ages can be politically active and effect change on critical environmental issues. Kids not only organized the march, but were featured speakers and performers at the rally that followed. 

I managed to get up above the marchers a bit for this one and I think I captured the very happy, upbeat mood of what was a fun day for the kids, ranging in age from preschoolers to teenagers, and the adults as well.

The "I Matter March" gallery  features many more images from this great day.


Today's Picture Of The Day is a tribute to the writers and other staff at The Guardian (UK) and the Washington Post, including writers Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, Ewan MacAskill, and Barton Gelman.  Both newspapers were awarded Pulitzer Prizes for their reporting on the NSA's massive surveillance programs, revealed in documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden. The uproar over the spy agencies recording of phone calls and collection of e-mails has resulted in some limitations being Imposed, but the controversy over the spying as well as lies told by NSA officials about the programs, is not expected to go away any time soon.  

I actually took this shot at the "Million Mask March", in Denver, back in November 2013. Many of the demonstrators held signs objecting to the NSAs spying on Americans. I especially like the woman in the middle with the yellow sign. I don't remember my mom doing anything like this before heading off to a PTA meeting!

Go to the "Million Mask March" gallery  to see more photographs from this day.


This is an image from a march in support of US Army whistleblower Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning, that happened in Washington, DC last July 2013.

After a short rally near Ft McNair, headquarters of the General supervising the prosecution of Pvt. Manning, protesters marched through the residential streets around the base, eventually stopping in front of one of the gated entrances, forcing military police to temporarily close it to traffic until the demonstration ended. 

I like this particular shot because of the view through the mesh banner being carried by demonstrators.

You can see more from this day in the Bradley Manning DC Demonstration gallery.


This TGIF Picture Of The Day is from a camping trip back in July 2009.

I was less than a hundred yards from my campsite in the San Isabel National Forest, just south of Salida, Colorado, hiking along Hayden Creek, when I spotted this. There was just enough sunlight shining through the trees to light up the multi-colored rocks on the creek bed, below about a foot or so of gently flowing water. Very quiet spot, the loudest sound was the flowing creek! 

4/7/14 & 4/8/14

These images are from immigration reform protests in Denver, last Friday and Saturday.                                           

On Friday, demonstrators lined the street near Broadway & Colfax, calling for an end to deportations and passage of immigration reforms currently stalled in the Congress. A number of immigrants spoke at the rally about how deportations have split up families and called on President Obama to use an executive order to change the current deportation policies. 

Saturday's protest included a rally at Civic Center Park, followed by a march through downtown Denver by way of the busy 16th Street Mall. Many parents with small children joined the march, emphasizing the devastating effects of current deportation policies on families, and the urgent need for immigration reform.  

More photographs from both of these days, as well as another immigration reform demonstration last fall, are on the Immigration Reform page.


This weeks TGIF Picture Of The Day is from a camping trip I took last July (2013), right before I headed across country.  

I took this shot on a hike from the Twin Lakes campground in the San Isabel National Forest outside of Leadville, Colorado. The peak you see on the right is Mt Elbert at 14,433 ft, Colorado's highest and one of 54 14ers in the state. No, I didn't make it to the top, maybe next year, or next lifetime!


This photograph is from the "Forward On Climate" march in Denver back in February 2013. 

It's one of my favorites because of the variety of faces in there, the eyes of the woman wearing the hood, with the bandana over most of her face always stands out to me, along with the profile of the woman in red and the man holding the flag. I actually ended up making 8 different versions of this wider shot, focusing in on 2 different groups and then 1 or 2 people by themselves.

You can see these and other images from this day in the "Forward On Climate" gallery.


I took this shot at a march against war with Syria in Philadelphia, back in August 2013.

Preceded by a short rally at City Hall, the early afternoon march of about 200 people, worked it's way down  busy Market Street sidewalks to the center city National Park where Revolutionary War symbols, Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell are located.

Many people, myself included, credit relatively small but numerous demonstrations like this one all over the country, with being a major factor in the Obama administration's decision to not begin bombing Syria.

The Anti Syria War march gallery  has more images from this day.

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