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images of social movements, protest, political action & dissent by documentary photographer chris goodwin

These women were among the crowd who rallied in Boulder, Co. against state level abortion bans recently enacted in a number of states.
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These men, being held at an ICE detention facility in Aurora, Co, wave to chanting protesters who were marching around the building.

chris goodwin

desrowVISUALS is the website of Chris Goodwin, a freelance documentary photographer specializing in images of social movements, protest, political action & dissent.

Are you an editor, art director or writer looking for professionally shot photos of protests over current political issues including Trump administration policies on immigration & refugees, the growing movement to fight catastrophic climate change, the reproductive rights movement’s opposition to the attack on abortion rights, protests over Supreme Court appointments, demonstrations by the Black Lives Matter movement over police killings and systemic racism, everyday life during the COVID-19 pandemic, the ongoing fight over health care reform & Medicare for All, the continuing struggle by workers and their unions for living wages as well as coverage of the 2020 election season?, with over 5,000 stock photos ready for publication in your periodical/book, or on your website/blog, has coverage of all of these issues and many, many more!  Just call, text or email us for permission and terms.

You can also follow us on social media for regular updates on new pictures of rallies, marches and other actions on the critical issues of our times. I think you’ll like what you see!

Chris Goodwin  lives in Boulder, Colorado and is a retired state employee, former local union president, former union organizer and a retiree member of AFSCME.

His work has been published by LaborNotes,,The Progressive, Earth Island Journal, The Green Teacher,  The Social Studies, The People's Tribune (Chicago)and Tribuno del Pueblo (Chicago).  Some of his photographs are available exclusively through Getty Images.

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