desrowVISUALS - Images of Social Movements, Protest, Political Action & Dissent by Chris Goodwin a freelance photographer based in Boulder Colorado.

Woman holding anti Donald Trump poster flashes "peace sign".
About 800 people rallied for immigration reform at Burns Park in Denver, Co, on Sat 10/5/13.

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"The most political decision you make, is where to direct people's eyes.         In other words, what you show people, day in and day out, is political."

- Wim Wenders-filmmaker-"The Act of Seeing: Essays & Conversations"

"There are things in your life that only you will see, stories that only you will hear. If you don't tell them or write them down, if you don't make the picture, these things will not be seen, these things will not be heard." 

  -Emmet Gowin-photographer


chris goodwin

desrowVISUALS is the website of Chris Goodwin, a freelance photographer specializing in images of social movements, protest, political action & dissent.

His work has been published  by  LaborNotesLabourStart.orgThe Progressive,  Earth Island Journal, The Green Teacher and The Social Studies

Some of his photographs are available exclusively through  Getty Images. One of his photographs licensed  through Getty Images, appeared on the cable news network, AlJazeera America

Galleries on this site feature photographs of union rallies, marches & picket lines, demonstrations over environmental issues such as climate change and fracking, protests over gun control, middle east issues, immigration reform, GMOs, occupy movement actions, and the peace movement.

He lives in Boulder, Colorado and is a retired state employee, former local union president, former union organizer and a retiree member of AFSCME.

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